The cannabis industry has come so far since 2014 when amendment 64 was passed in the state of Colorado. Although we have successfully legalized marijuana, there are still a couple snags that the industry has been running into. Medicinally, cannabis use has skyrocketed as it helps more and more individuals steer away from opiates. Because there are more and more people benefitting from cannabis, those people are also buying lots of cannabis with lots of plastic waste. For dispensaries to stay compliant with all of the laws, all packaging must be child safe. The easiest and cheapest way for dispensaries to keep their packaging complaint is by using plastic packaging products. There are many problems when it comes to using plastic for such things; most commonly that recycling facilities will no longer accept marijuana plastic products to process.

As we know, our planet is already suffering because of the plastic waste we have accumulated. There is an island in the South Pacific that is covered with over 38 million pieces of plastic, which leeches into are ocean everyday. Plastic takes over 600 years to biodegrade, if we don’t get a hold of the this problem our great, great, great, grandchildren will still be dealing with with are generations plastic intake.

The cannabis industry is such a large movement across the globe, it could benefit greatly by being more aware about its plastic use. They could lead the charge to change plastic use and consumption is a growing industry.

As a consumer, you can do a lot with the packaging you take home. Concentrate containers are easy to re-utilize to hold jewelry or making your own chapstick into. Gram/joint containers are great for storing all different types of small things as well such as bobby pins, and earrings. Quarter & ounce containers can be used as paint brush or makeup brush holder or even a pot to start a small plant. There are so many different ways you can be creative at home to reuse these containers.

Another great solution would be for more companies to make use of hemp.  Hemp is a great alternative to making plastic. All plastic must contain cellulose so that it can hold its malleable structural form. Usually petroleum is used because it contains a lot of cellulose but it’s downfall is that it’s toxic. Hemp is a great alternative; its bushels carry about 80% of cellulose and it’s non-toxic. Hemp is also biodegradable (months compared to plastic’s years) so it’s much better for environment. They are a couple brands that have started using hemp packaging, that definitely starts helping with the plastic problem that is hurting our environment.

Elisabeth List

Elisabeth List

Floor Lead

Elisabeth is a Colorado native, raised in Castle Rock. She’s been in Trinidad for 2 years. She enjoys meeting all the different people and teaching them about how great cannabis is. Her favorite part about working at Highland Health are the customers and bosses. Lis thinks it’s a fun and comfortable place to work.

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